update 6/27/2020: dine-in is still closed due to covid-19

pickup and takeout is available every day 11:30a–9:30p

  • pad mama

    pad mama

  • tom yum noodle

    tom yum noodle

  • woon san

    woon san

  • tofu soup

    tofu soup

  • pad rad na

    pad rad na

  • pad rad na noodle

    pad rad na noodle

  • noodle soup

    noodle soup


thai squared offers its own delivery service within ~7 miles driving distance from the restaurant.

we highly encourage online ordering, although you can place an order on the phone if online ordering is not possible.

minimum order

note: delivery over 7 miles is subject to driver availability; please call us before placing an order

delivery hours

thai squared delivers 7 days per week during the following hours:

note: the latest time a delivery order can be placed is 30 minutes before business closing.

delivery fees

delivery times

typically, orders are delivered in 30-45 minutes, depending on the location, distance, and time of the day.

note: delivery time could be longer during busy periods; please order in advance and call us for an estimate if time is critical

delivery vendors

you can also order for delivery and pickup through one of our vendors:

please consult vendor websites for details including schedule and fees.

be squared. eat at thai squared.