Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2024!

we will be closed sun/mon dec 24-25 and jan 1st (both locations)

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  • stay safe and healthy!

    stay safe and healthy!

covid-19 updates

september 2022


main dine-in area and patio are both open; business as usual.

GPS ionization system installed in both front and kitchen HVAC units eliminates up to 90% of pathogens (including COVID-19) on a single pass.

any viruses that may have gotten into indoor air have a high chance of being deactivated and filtered out before recirculating air is returned back inside the building.

please do use your own discretion while dining in as this is not a guarantee of full immunity but it is our best effort to minimize related risks as much as possible.

online ordering

we highly encourage online ordering for pickup, although you can also place an order on-site.

pickup, takeout

please walk in and ring touchless bell on arrival; someone will be with you shortly.

customer safety

here is what we do to protect our customers:

  • our employees maintain safe social distance when accepting payments and handling orders
  • employees wearing masks and other protective equipment
  • cash is accepted although we encourage using contactless payment methods

food safety

even more behind the scene:

  • ongoing disinfection of common areas
  • frequent sanitation
  • extensive regular cleaning
  • kitchen personnel wearing masks and other protective equipment inside the kitchen
  • making sure vendors are handling food safely and abide by CDC guidelines
  • no third parties/contractors are allowed on-site during this time
  • safeguarding our employees and making sure everyone stays safe

clean and touchless

in order to further protect our customers (and employees), we have implemented a number of health and safety measures:

  • automatic light and fan sensors installed in both women's and men's restrooms
  • touchless urinal installed in men's restrooms
  • touchless faucets with virtually instant warm water installed in both women's and men's restrooms
  • touchless soap dispensers in both women's and men's restrooms

stay safe and healthly!