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professional catering services

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thai² has been helping customers to professionally cater both large (200+ people) and smaller (20-50 people) events for many years.

organizing an important event that includes catering can feel a bit overwhelming, and we certanly understand.

delivering quality food and setting up everything on time is a huge responsibility, and that is exactly where we can provide great service.

catering orders lead time

catering orders must be placed in advance:

  • 20 people: 2 business days
  • up to 50 people: 5 business days
  • 100+ people: 7 business days

the time above is the minimum time we require to successfully deliver a catering order.

how to order

please visit online ordering to place your catering order. select `order for later`, then select your desired date and time.

please select `delivery` if you need us to deliver and setup everything for you; otherwise select pickup.

note: please select 4pm or later as your delivery time. we will contact you and setup your actual delivery time once you place the order.

this restriction is due to the fact that we do not deliver before 4pm (catering is an exception).

select items from the catering menu (for example, `catering | fried rice`); make sure to add disposable wire chafer stand kits with fuel, if you need one.

the wire chafer stand kit accomodates one full tray or two half trays and includes required chafer fuel; it will keep the food warm for up to 2 hours (ask us if you need longer).

sizes and selections

each food item comes in two sizes: half tray (feeds 4-5 people), and full tray (feeds 9-10 people).

half tray is simply a half of the full tray (we just wanted to be perfectly clear).

catering item selections currently include the most popular items from our lunch menu.

a single catering menu applies to both lunch and dinner; the portion size stays the same as well (unlike our dinner menu that has larger portions).

tip: we can still provide almost any food item from our regular menu; please ask if your favorite item in not listed.

how catering works

thai² offers a selection of popular food items prepared in larger quantities, for both pickup and delivery.

here is a typical catering process:

  • you place catering order online
  • we will contact you to schedule actual delivery time
  • we deliver freshly cooked food on the day of the event 30-60 min early
  • we setup and organize everything including keeping food warm
  • we leave right before the event starts
  • event attendies enjoy delicious food and thank *you* for organizing everything ☺

scheduling conflicts

typically, we can only provide full service catering event for a single customer at any given time. if we are booked for a lunch catering on a given date, in most cases we cannot accept a second catering order.

nevertheless, in case of a scheduling conflict, we will work with you to find the best resolution, if possible; otherwise we we will cancel and fully refund your catering order.

tip: place your order early to 100% guarantee your booking

delivery and setup

on the day of the catering event, we will arrive early (30-60 min, depending on the order size).

please make sure there will be someone available onsite to arrange for visitor passes, if required, and to show us where catering should be setup.

there will be a few thai² employees who will organize all food and drinks according to your preferences, place appropriate plates, utensils, napkins, install wire chafer stands, and start chafing dish fuel to keep the food warm for the duration of the event (up to 2 hours).

as the last step, we will cleanup any spils that may have occured during setup and will remove all catering equipment from the site.

typically, setup is done and everything is ready about 5 mins before the sheduled event time.

delivery schedule and cost

we cater at any time during normal business hours (unlike for regular orders that are delivered after 4pm only).

delivery cost covers setup and disposable items (napkins, plates, utensils, serving spoons/forks, etc.) and is automatically added to your catering order (~5% of the food cost).

disposable wire chafer kits with chafing fuel are not automatically provided; they have to be selected as part of the catering order. when ordering online, chafers can be selected in `catering accessories` add-on section.

for more curious

successfully fulfilling all but the smallest catering orders poses significant logistical challenges.

consider the fact that in order to keep our food fresh, we do not keep large supplies in stock; this is a true "lean" food preparation where everything is resupplied every day or two.

consequently, all but the smallest catering orders require a lot of extra work to happen in advance.

this ranges from ordering necessary ingredients from different suppliers in advance, to the whole team coming to work much earlier on the day of a larger catering event.

catering equipment

we use Cambro insulated food carriers and other high quality catering equipment to safely deliver food while keeping it hot.

our delivery minivan is able to deliver food for large catering orders of 200+ people.


a lot of people will work hard to make your catering event a definite success, so yes, tips are welcome.

all the tips you provide directly benefit catering team; this includes people you will see and also some you will not: kitchen, logistics, delivery and setup, you name it.

we do want to thank you in advance for rewarding catering team members.

still have questions?

call us at (470) 800-3504 to see how we can help!